Saturday, October 16, 2021

Pastoral School Partners with ROCOR Studies and the Archive of the Serbian Orthodox Church

We are pleased to announce that our Pastoral School is partnering with ROCOR Studies and the Archive of the Serbian Orthodox Church on the conference "Links between Times: Conclusions and Perspectives on the Centennial of the Russian Church Abroad." 

More information on the conference CAN BE FOUND HERE.

Registration information for the conference for those who cannot in personal CAN BE FOUND HERE.

The President of our Pastoral School, Archbishop Peter, will attend and participate in the conference. More information in that regard CAN BE FOUND HERE.

We encourage all our students and staff to attend the conference in person or virtually!

Fr. Gregory Joyce, Dean

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Diocese of Chicago & Mid-America Deacon Preparation Program

According to the blessing of Archbishop Peter, President of the Pastoral School, the following is the minimum standard preparation for those seeking ordination to the deaconate in the Diocese of Chicago & Mid-America:


This is not to say that His Eminence does not wish to see deacons complete the Pastoral School full program as a rule, but Vladyka felt it was important to clarify what minimum education would be required for a deacon in the diocese. Archbishop Peter continues to require that those being ordained priest complete the full Pastoral School program or its equivalent.

The application for the Pastoral School can be found here:


Archpriest Gregory Joyce

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Welcome + Academic Calendar


Dear Pastoral School Faculty and Students,

I would like to welcome everyone to our Pastoral School for this academic year! If you have not yet registered please do so as soon as reasonably possible – you'll want to get involved in the discussions in your classes right away!

If you have technical questions please reach out to our IT Lead, Deacon Joseph Appling:

We are very grateful for Fr. Joseph for his diligent work for our school – please remember him and his family in your prayers!

If you have any other questions please reach out to me – my contact information is below. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions whatsoever, or if I can be of any help to you whatsoever! Your feedback is always welcome.

Please find the Academic Calendar for 2021-22 at this link:

Faculty and students are asked to review the calendar and put the information from this calendar onto their own calendars so that important deadlines are not missed.

With Love in our Lord Jesus Christ,

Fr. Gregory Joyce, Dean
Cell/SMS/Viber/What’s App: +1-734-649-5746

P.S. Please connect with us via Facebook (@orthodoxtheologicalschool), Instagram (@orthodox_theological_school), or the Dean’s List blog ( And please share the word about the Pastoral School – you are our best way to inform others about our programs!

Friday, May 21, 2021

Summer Semester 2021


With Archbishop Peter's blessing, this year summer courses will again be offered in the Pastoral School of the Diocese of Chicago & Mid-America.  Applications for admission for the summer semester are due June 14, 2021. The following courses will be offered this year – dates for the courses are June 21 – August 7, 2021 (Liturgics is slightly longer in duration):
  • Liturgics
  • Intermediate/Advanced Church Slavonic
  • Parish Management and Operations
  • Thesis Writing Workshop
  • New Testament Greek
  • New Testament Latin
  • The Pivotal Points in the History of Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
  • Planting and Starting a New Mission

All Pastoral School summer courses are available to the general public without the need for a formal application to our complete Diploma program.  To register please visit the following link:
To learn more about the summer courses and all the offerings of the Pastoral School please visit this link:

For more information or with questions please contact the Dean of the Pastoral School, Archpriest Gregory Joyce (

По благословению архиепископа Петра в этом году Пастырское училище Чикагской и Среднеамериканской епархии снова проводит летние курсы.  Заявления о приеме на весенний семестр необходимо подать до 14 июня 2021 г. В этом году в период с 21 июня по 7 августа 2021 г. проводятся следующие курсы (Литургика несколько более продолжительный):
  • Литургика
  • Пороговый/продвинутый уровень церковнославянского языка
  • Управление приходом и деятельность прихода
  • Семинар по подготовке к дипломной работе
  • Греческий язык Нового Завета
  • Латинский язык Нового Завета
  • Краткий курс истории Русской Зарубежной Церкви
  • Создание и обустройство новой миссии
Летние курсы Пастырского училища могут проходить все желающие, без официального заявления о поступлении на полную программу с получением диплома. Зарегистрироваться можно по ссылке:
Дополнительная информация о летних курсах и всей программе  Пастырского училища находится по ссылке:
За дополнительной информацией и с вопросами просим обращаться к декана  Пастырского училища, протоиерею Григорию Джойсу (

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Summer Residency Program 2021

The Pastoral School Summer Residency Program will take place from July 17-31, 2021 at Novo-Diveevo Convent in Nanuet, NY. Interested students should visit the Synodal School of Liturgical Music web site and register there. Please direct questions to me. For those who are not able to attend the Summer Residency Program the Pastoral School will offer Liturgics and Church Slavonic during the Summer Semester via the same Populi platform that our other courses utilize throughout the academic year.

Fr. Gregory Joyce

Thursday, February 11, 2021

New Students Accepted

The Pastoral School Spring semester begins on February 15, 2021. We are pleased to announce that the following students have been accepted for the coming semester:

Allen, Reader Andrew
Arianto, Priest John
Fiocca, Michael
Kalbfleisch, Priest Richard
Ram, Joseph
Shmelev, Priest Evgeny
White, Joseph

We congratulate these students on their acceptance to the Pastoral School! Most will be studying in the Pastoral Theology Program, others in the Orthodox Studies Program. Students are only accepted into the Catechist Program in the Fall Semester.

The next application deadline for the Pastoral School is September 1, 2021. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, so those who would like to apply are welcome to do so at any time for the next semester. The application form can be found here:


We welcome your application! If you have questions, please contact me.

Fr. Gregory Joyce, Dean
Cell/SMS/What's App/Viber: +1-734-649-5746