Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Pastoral School Student Ordained to the Priesthood

Congratulations to our first year student and student of Kiev Theological Academy, Hierodeacon Nestor, who was ordained a Hieromonk on April 12 (Palm Sunday) by the Rector of the Kiev Theological Academy, Bishop Sylvester. May the Lord grant him many years of service in His Holy Church!

Potential Pandemic-Related Theses

Met. Antony of Borisopil & Ukrainian Officials 4-13-20
This article was published yesterday in Russian, the title of which is “The Russian Church in the Period of and Epidemic: A Historical Outline”.


The machine translation will give you a good idea of the content. I assume and hope it will be professionally translated into English given its importance and the timeliness of the topic.

Given our present pandemic and quarantine, and the very great difficulty that some Orthodox people are having accepting that the churches are closed for a time now, this could be a jumping off point for an excellent thesis. There are also some interesting points about resistance to vaccines, if that is something that interests you from an academic point of view. Another topic that could come from the pandemic/quarantine is the question of Holy Communion and the necessity to frequently commune (or not) in such a situation.

Fr. Gregory Joyce, Dean