Thursday, April 27, 2017

Update on Juliana Gedney

Christ is Risen!

It has been some time since we gave you an update on Juliana Gedney, wife of our Pastoral School student Subdeacon Adam Gedney.

Subdeacon Adam reports the following:

Thank God, Juliana is doing well. She's a little over half way through her chemo treatments. She is more tired these days and in general her energy doesn't last long. Of course, all her hair is gone now as well. She recovered well from the double mastectomy though. According to the doctors everything is going well and as planned. Just a couple more treatments and she'll be done with chemo then she begins radiation.

Radiation treatment is a 6 week process where she’ll go everyday to be radiated in some targeted locations on the chest and under the arms. Juliana’s spirits are good. She is seeing this all in its spiritual context and she says the akathist to St. Panteleimon daily. Please keep Juliana and our 7 month old daughter Militsa in your prayers.